Two-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cup

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Todd had a vision that he simply could not shake. He wanted a peanut butter cup made from just two ingredients: cocoa beans and peanuts. “Can we add salt?” we asked. “No salt,” he replied. “Can we add sugar?” “No, no sugar,” he replied. Two ingredients, and two ingredients only: the same whole roasted Camino Verde, Ecuador cocoa beans that we source for our 100% chocolate bars, and roasted peanuts. There is no purer expression of a peanut butter cup.

Because these peanut butter cups are so pure, with no added stabilizers or emulsifiers to keep the naturally occurring oil in peanuts from separating and trying to escape through slim fissures in the all-cocoa shell (which occur even after perfect tempering), you may see small holes or cracks in your chocolate, or find drops of peanut oil inside your wrapper. These irregularities are indicators of ingredient integrity, and may be considered features, not bugs.

Ingredients and Allergens

Ingredients: peanuts, cocoa beans

Contains: peanuts

Made in a facility that processes eggs, milk, peanut, tree nuts, and wheat


0.7 oz (19 g)

Each pouch contains one Peanut Butter Cup

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Dandelion Chocolate Collaborator Two-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cup
Two-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cup
just peanuts and cocoa beans

Dandelion Chocolate, one of our favorite collaborators and bean-to-bar makers, continues to inspire us with their dedication to crafting chocolate that’s simple to understand though oftentimes complicated to create. Their Two-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cup (which could very well be the world’s first) is made of just 100% Ecuadorian Camino Verde cocoa beans and roasted Valencia peanuts. That’s it. There is no added sugar and, like all of their chocolate, you won’t find any soy lecithin, emulsifiers, cocoa butter, or other additives.

– Evan Orensten, Cool Hunting

Cocoa Nibs and Peanuts – Nothing Else