The Cacao Coloring Book By Dawn Dean

an incomplete compendium of agricultural, botanical, and historical notes concerning cacao

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Written and entirely hand-drawn by Dawn on her verandah in Southern Belize, this 22-page coloring book is an immersive tribute to cacao. Dawn has been a close friend of Dandelion for many years, bonded by our appreciation for cacao, cocoa, and chocolate. Dawn’s deep connection to the plant and its environment is reflected in her stunning illustrations and informative accompanying text, all sourced from her personal experiences sowing and working amongst the trees.

Dawn's intimate knowledge of cacao botany, horticulture, and history allows her to offer a unique perspective on the link between ancient Mayan cultivators of cacao — whose land she has walked and planted — and the species’ future.

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Dandelion Chocolate Cacao Coloring Book
The Cacao Coloring Book By Dawn Dean
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“It’s my way of being part of the link between the ancient Mayan cultivators of cacao, whose land I walked and planted, and the future of cacao.”

Dawn Dean


Dawn Dean

About the Author

Dawn Dean grew up in Indiana, then at age 18 moved to Southern Belize, where cacao became a significant part of her life. She built an 800-tree cacao plantation and mastered planting, pruning, harvesting, fermenting, and drying cacao, while she absorbed the species’ history, and learned how to grow trees as part of an agro-ecological system. We have worked with Dawn for many years (she usually joins us in S.F. during the busy holiday season), and when she proposed composing a cacao coloring book from her home in Belize, we thought it was a beautiful idea.

Dawn has been fascinated with plants since she was a child, and has experience cultivating nearly every edible plant of Southern Belize; she’s even written a practical guide, called Gardening in Southern Belize. In Barranco Village, where she lives, Dawn oversees a field gene bank for the conservation of vanilla diversity, and runs Barranco Botanics, a business that produces soaps made of Belizean ingredients (such as local cocoa butter, and yellow ginger), as well as tote bags made from recycled cacao sacks.

Dawn Dean