Hot Chocolate at Home.

Our famous Dandelion Hot Chocolate is now available to make at home. It's been a café favorite since we first opened our doors on Valencia Street back in 2010. One of the reasons we launched a chocolate factory in San Francisco was to offer the perfect hot chocolate antidote to a city whose hundred days of fog are so thick and prevalent, they have a name.

This collection features three 5.6-ounce bottles of our hot chocolate mix in three flavors: House Hot Chocolate, Gingerbread Hot Chocolate, and Mission Hot Chocolate. This is enough to make 12 rich, chocolatey cups in your home kitchen with nothing but milk (or milk substitute), a whisk, and a saucepan. In addition, each mix is packed into a reusable glass bottle designed just for us by our friend Remy Labesque.

Serve hot or cold. Marshmallows are encouraged.

Dandelion Chocolate Hot Chocolate Mix Trio
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