Tote Bag

For craft-chocolate lovers with more treats than they can carry, we present our cotton-canvas Tote Bag. Printed in our beloved mosaic pattern — found on our 70% Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania chocolate bars — this bag is the perfect size for stocking up on your favorite bars and hot chocolates, or taking your bonbon collections on the go.

These bags are made in partnership with Supreme Creations and produced in Pondicherry, India. Each bag bears a Bag of Ethics label, which certifies that it is produced using eco-friendly methods, in a factory that upholds ethical practices across the supply chain: treating people, products, and the planet with care and respect.

Made with 11-ounce cotton canvas, these bags are sturdy enough to go just about anywhere; and their subtle design makes them a stylish accessory for chocolate connoisseurs.

8.0 oz (226 g)
Dandelion Chocolate Dandelion Chocolate Tote Bag
Tote Bag