Secret Challenge 12




Our June Secret Challenge is inspired by the circa 2016 meme Chihuahua or blueberry muffin?", where a grid of close-up pictures of muffins and Chihuahuas bore a striking resemblance to each other. The meme is a few years old but we still talk about it when we spot a scone or pastry that seems to have two chocolate-chip eyes and a nose.

For the first summer secret challenge, we took Executive Pastry Chef Lisa Vega’s signature chocolate-chip cookies to recreate this meme.

But there’s a twist!

Every featured pooch also needs a home. Our 16th Street chocolate factory neighbors the SF SPCA and Muttville while volunteer-driven Rescue the Underdog features foster dogs from across the Bay Area. So while you are enjoying this challenge, if a little face speaks to you, we’d love to see forever homes for these highly adoptable pups.

The challenge is a little silly and we won’t pretend to keep score. Just select the images that you believe to be Lisa's photographed cookies amongst the myriad of pups (we won't tell you how many there are!). To spice it up, we set a time limit of just 10 seconds for you to complete each “pup or chocolate chip cookie” grid challenge. Good luck!

All the dogs below are rescued dogs waiting for a home. If you happen to be looking for a dog to adopt, each picture links to the corresponding dog's adoption page.




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Learn more about these pet adoption agencies by following the links below.