Limericks Challenge



Our very own Stephen Durfee has a penchant for limericks and wrote this months' rousing chocolate-themed puzzlers. While each is truly inspired, the difficulty level varies quite a bit with number three being the most challenging. We peppered in a few clues if you need them.
Good luck!

In September, some Dandies went foragin’
And brought back news, very encouragin’
With fruit so fantastic
We’re enthusiastic,
Could Hawaii be our next

Yes! You are correct!
Try again! Starts with an 'O' and has three syllables.

Though it may not be truly grammatical
With chocolate we’re super fanatical
So when shelling our beans
We go to extremes
And winnow out both husk and

Yes! You are correct!
Hmmm ... check out this illustration!

A health food! That’s how they portray us
We’re high on the superfood dais
These humble fruit pods
Yield up “Food of the Gods”
Or so says

Yes! You are correct!
Stumped? It's a person's name. Still stumped? How about some fun reading?

When we temper, we’re dealing with fractions;
A degree off will spoil the reaction
It’s easy to tell
When you’ve crystallized well
You get bars with snap, shine, and

Yes! You are correct!
If you want the chocolate to release cleanly from its mold, you might want this. Starts with a 'C' and has three syllables!

Whisk some froth for that hot chocolate trio
Or add whipped cream, enjoy it “muy frio”
And for true authenticity
Please forego electricity
Blend your drink with a wood

Yes! You are correct!
An essential implement for a Mexican Hot Chocolate! See it being made here.