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Can't decide between chocolate bars, bitters, or brittle? Let them choose.


Send a personalized e-gift card with timely delivery for future classes, chocolate bars, confections, and pastries. E-gift cards will arrive immediately or send to yourself to print or send later.


Letterpressed gift cards to use all year round. Perfect to top off a few bars of chocolate, a box of truffles, or caramels. Or consider also including our wrapped and signed "Making Chocolate" book with a gift card so they can elevate their pantry with single-origin chocolate ingredients in the new year.


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Gift Cards

Dandelion Chocolate

Sometimes it's hard to choose! If you aren't quite certain whether your friend or loved one prefers bars or brittles (or if you're just in a little bit of a hurry), a gift card is a thoughtful way to let them curate their own chocolate gift or experience.

Our gift cards are intended for ample choice and flexibility from our virtual classes with chocolate makers, curated bars sets from our Flavor Manager, and hand-made gateaus, truffles, and cookies made daily with quality ingredients from our kitchen and confection teams. Hopefully in 2023, we may even have more origin trips (we can't wait to travel again) where we invite a small group to join us on a sourcing trip to see cacao growing firsthand. Whatever their desire, our gift cards are accepted online and at all of our store locations (though not Japan).

In the mail — Letterpressed gift cards will be tucked in an envelope with your personalized message and mailed via USPS upon receiving your order. Expedited FedEx shipping is also available.

Instant delivery via email — Provide your recipient’s name, email address, and a personalized message and your e-gift card will be sent momentarily.

Printable gift cards — If you’d like to print a physical gift card to give in person, please select "Email" as the delivery method and provide your own email address as the recipient with their name and a personalized message. You’ll receive an e-gift card directed to them as well as a ready-to-print PDF copy.

If you are ordering multiple gift cards for your family, podmates, or colleagues (e.g. a gift card for future chocolate class with all of your friends or a batch of gift cards to have on-hand for last-minute giving throughout the holidays), please reach out to our guest care team who will be happy to streamline the process.


A little about us...

We Make Bean-to-Bar Chocolate

We're Dandelion, a bean-to-bar chocolate maker in San Francisco's Mission District. For over 10 years, we've been turning cocoa beans and organic sugar into single-origin dark chocolate. We’re part of the New American Chocolate Movement of small-scale chocolate makers building specialized machines and rethinking chocolate making practices to reclaim the depth of flavor in chocolate.

As a bean-to-bar maker, we first source our own beans, and then sort, roast, crack, winnow, melange, temper, and mold each bar we make. Our approach focuses on minimal ingredients, just cocoa beans and cane sugar (not vanilla, emulsifiers, or additional cocoa butter), so that the quality and flavor nuances of the bean shine through.

Just Two Ingredients.
That’s All.

Our chocolate bars are made of just two ingredients: cocoa beans and organic sugar. We don’t add cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla, flavorings, or preservatives, so the quality and flavor nuances of our beans shine. With a light hand and minimalist approach, we aim to highlight different cocoa beans' distinctive flavor notes — from classic fudge to tangy fruit.

We Visit Each Origin to Build Lasting Relationships

When we look for cocoa beans, we look for good flavor and good people. Building trust is at the heart of what we do, and relationships are reciprocal. In addition to looking for good cocoa, we’re also interested in what our cocoa producers need from us — feedback on a new fermentation process, upfront capital to offset a bad season, or connections to other chocolate makers to grow business. Each year we publish the stories, numbers, and practices of our producers in our annual Sourcing Report.

We Work With Collaborators & Chocolatiers Worldwide

While chocolate makers make chocolate from cocoa beans, chocolatiers use finished chocolate to create truffles, bonbons, candy, and confections. Since we don’t add emulsifiers or additional cocoa butter to our chocolate, working with it requires extra time and attention. As a result, making truffles or chocolate-covered nibs with our chocolate can be especially challenging. Still, our collaborators remain undaunted, inventing new recipes and products each year. We celebrate their talents and share these crafted treats with you.

Join Our Virtual Classes to Experience Chocolate from a New Perspective

Our Chocolate Educators have been with the factory for many years, and share their perspectives on tasting single-origin chocolate, making treats at home, and experiencing chocolate in new ways. Our classes are available for individuals, families, and group events.

See Our
Chocolate-Making in
San Francisco

If you’re in San Francisco, we hope to soon invite you to stop by our café and factory in the Mission District to sip on a hot chocolate while watching our chocolate makers turn cocoa beans into bars of chocolate.