Origin Bonbon Collection

Pre-orders ship the week of February 5th to arrive before Valentine's Day.

For an enticing Valentine’s Day tasting adventure, this special edition of our debut Origin Bonbon Collection (a companion to our all-ganache Single-Origin Truffle Collection) features two full feet (over 60 centimeters) of confections: twenty-one delectable bonbons, presented in an elegant, fabric-covered gift box, and accompanied by a printed tasting guide.

Nicholas Bonamico and Dillon Taylor-Zell collaborated with farmers and our producing partners to learn about cherished ingredients and food traditions at five cocoa-origin locales. With that knowledge, they’ve created ten exquisite bonbon varieties, offered in pairs for sharing: two unique recipes per origin, one highlighting the chocolate’s unique flavors, and the other showcasing the chocolate paired with regional ingredients.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, this limited Collection features a bonus twenty-first bonbon, crafted with our classically chocolatey House Blend chocolate — a small surprise gift from our Confections team.


70% single-origin chocolate (cocoa beans from Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania; Ambanja, Madagascar; Maya Mountain, Belize; Semuliki Forest, Uganda; Costa Esmeraldas, Ecuador; organic cane sugar), 85% single-origin chocolate (cocoa beans from Maya Mountain, Belize, organic cane sugar), 70% House Blend chocolate (cocoa beans, organic cane sugar), 100% single-origin chocolate (cocoa beans from Camino Verde, Ecuador), organic heavy cream, organic cane sugar, organic butter, glucose, organic almonds, espresso beans, passion fruit pulp, raw honeycomb, macadamia nuts, corn nuts (corn, canola oil, sea salt), bananas, fraises de bois (wild strawberries), persimmons, soursop, peanuts, liquid fondant (sugar, glucose syrup, water, cream of tartar), coconut, Griottines (Morello cherries, sugar, Kirsch), invert sugar, feuilletine (wheat flour, sugar, butter, milk sugar, milk proteins, salt, malt extract [barley], baking soda), gin, invertase, whole-milk powder, water, cocoa butter from Peru, lime juice, peanut oil, gelatine, pectin, vanilla beans, fleur de sel, allspice, voatsiperifery pepper


milk, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts (almonds, coconuts, macadamia nuts); less than 5% alcohol
Made in a facility that also processes tree nuts (almonds, walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, coconuts), peanuts, soy, wheat, and milk.
8.9 oz (252 g)
Dandelion Chocolate Valentine's Day Origin Bonbon Collection
Valentine's Day Origin Bonbon Collection

Explore the Flavor Notes
of Five Distinctive Origins

For every cocoa origin, one confection recipe explores the chocolate’s characteristic flavor notes. The second variety showcases each chocolate’s versatility, when thoughtfully paired with regional ingredients.

Valentine's Day Map

1. Maya Mountain, Belize

Allspice bonbon Allspice bonbon


Strawberry & Honeycomb bonbon Strawberry & Honeycomb bonbon

Strawberry & Honeycomb

2. Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania

Coconut Marshmallow bonbon Coconut Marshmallow bonbon

Coconut Marshmallow

Corn-Macadamie Praline bonbon Corn-Macadamie Praline bonbon

Corn-Macadamia Praliné

3. Ambanja, Madagascar

Bourbon Vanilla bonbon Bourbon Vanilla bonbon

Bourbon Vanilla

Voatsiperifery-Persimmon & Lime bonbon Voatsiperifery-Persimmon & Lime bonbon

Voatsiperifery-Persimmon & Lime

4. Semuliki Forest, Uganda

Coffee bonbon Coffee bonbon


Almond-Praline Soursop bonbon Almond-Praline Soursop bonbon


5. Costa Esmeraldas, Ecuador

Passion Fruit bonbon Passion Fruit bonbon

Passion Fruit

Peanut Praline & Banana bonbon Peanut Praline & Banana bonbon

Peanut Praliné & Banana

And a Surprise 21st Bonbon

Cherry Cordial bonbon

Valentine Bonus Bonbon

Our cocoa is sourced from an array of places around the globe. Each has vastly different cultures and traditions. The chocolate at Dandelion itself offers a journey for the palate, much as wine would. We hope these pairings enrich that journey and inspire more detours.

– Nicholas Bonamico, head of confections