May's warmer weather has inspired this month’s secret challenge. We’ve taken a few notable temperatures that we track while sourcing and making chocolate. From coolest to warmest, drag and drop the rows representing different cacao and chocolate steps to match the appropriate temperature then check your answer by selecting the button. This month's drag and drop challenge works best on Desktop. Good luck!

  • -450° F
  • -10° F
  • 66° F
  • 82° F
  • 86° F
  • 130° F
  • 140° F
  • 260° F
  • The temperature we store beans before making chocolate
  • The temperature of a chocolate bar in space
  • The temperature of our bean sorting room
  • The temperature that chocolate starts to melt
  • The average May high temperature at Hacienda Azul, Costa Rica
  • Roasting temperature of our Hacienda Azul, Costa Rica bar
  • The temperature to melt undesirable crystals while tempering
  • The highest temperature during the fermentation process

Check YOUR Answer

Wow! Yes that is perfect. Very impressive!

Something is not quite right. The coolest temperatures should be first and the warmest temperatures should be last.