Experiences - Frequently Asked Questions

The date I wanted isn’t available. How can I be put on the waitlist?
Unfortunately, we do not keep waitlists for classes and events.

How much chocolate will I eat in my class?
Each class varies. We’ve rated the sugar and caffeine intake for each class on a scale from low to high, with low being a couple samples of chocolate and cocoa nibs; and high being multiple tastes of cocoa nibs, a pastry, hot chocolate, and multiple chocolate samples. That being said, you are not required to try every sample, nor do you have to stop at just one piece.

Will I be required to stand for long periods of time?
Class rigor will vary, and most experience listings have sitting and standing times noted. Please let us know of any disabilities we should be aware of that may inhibit you from standing more than a few minutes, climbing stairs, or navigating tight spaces, so we can try our best to accommodate.

Is the factory loud/should I bring any protective ear wear for my child?
Our classes take place near the factory floor where our chocolate makers work with loud machinery. While most of our office staff works in this space when a class is not taking place without ear protection, if you are concerned about your child’s ears, it is perfectly appropriate to bring some sort of ear protection.

Do I need to bring my own hair net?
We will provide highly fashionable hair nets for all our guests that will be recycled after class.

Can I take pictures/video?
Of course! In fact, we encourage guests to take photos and videos throughout class. Feel free to bring your camera or smartphone and tag us @dandelionchocolate. Please be respectful of our other guests who may not want their picture taken or exposure to excessive flashes throughout class.

Can you come to my wedding/baby shower or office party?
We’d love to! Learn more about our private events and please get in touch.