Guess the Craft Challenge



Guess which Dandelion craft is behind each of these images ...

Hand-made ceramic tiles
A matrix of truffles
Boxes ready to ship

Yes! These truffles are from the last batch of our Hanami Collection.

Not quite! Here's a clue: these are extraordinarily delicious!

Gift note
Burlap bag
Café napkin

Yes! These are bags of beans from Ambanja, Madagascar. These bags at the factory are ready to sort and roast.

Not quite! Here's a clue: the black markings are handwriting.

Kitchen mixer
Melanger gearbox
Delivery bike

Yes! These are the mixer attachments for our Hobart mixer at 16th Street.

Not quite! A clue: you likely want to be the first to lick this!

Green ties
Pesto noodles
Native grass

Yes! These are the green cords that we use to secure the Hanami Truffle collection.

Not quite! But a clue: each of these strands is the exact same length here.

Cacao pod
Untempered chocolate
Gâteau Basque

Yes! These are the fork marks that are a tradition for the Gâteau Basque.

Not quite! This item is found in the pastry kitchen.

Muffin tins
Camera equipment
Spread jars

Yes! These are about-to-be-labeled glass jars for our peanut butter spread -- delicious with s'mores!

Nope! But a clue: these will require an allergen label before they leave the factory.