Dessert Captcha Challenge




The November Secret Challenge is a dessert captcha inspired by our 10-year Valencia Street anniversary and the "I am not a robot" security questions that verify your human-ness by challenging you to guess which slices of an image contain a mountain, a traffic light, a bus, a bridge ...

Except there's a twist. All of the images are desserts, and for the system to determine whether you are a human and not a computer, you must see how well you can identify which desserts were created by humans (Lisa and team) and not a computer (Dall-E).


A few of the images (and we're not giving any hints!) below are Dandelion desserts from Lisa's kitchen while the remainder are generated by AI. Select the images that you believe are Lisa's photographed pastries and not the computer-generated stock images. After you've chosen, check your guess to see if you found the correct solution. Most people at the factory find the right solution in about 3 tries.

Good luck!



Woah! You are indeed a dessert-savvy human. Beautifully done!

Sorry, please try again.