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Deep Cuts Trio

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Only 300 sets of this rare combination of Dandelion bars are available.

Our Deep Cuts Trio is a terrific bar set for the chocolate scholar. We use only flavorful cocoa beans and organic cane sugar to produce our chocolate, and our makers’ craftsmanship underscores the often surprising flavor nuances in different batches of beans.

We call this set “Deep Cuts” because it features unique bars available nowhere else! You’ll enjoy a preview of two upcoming harvest years: creamy, mellow Tumaco, Colombia, and bright, tangy Ambanja, Madagascar. The included Dandelion Japan Bến Tre, Vietnam bar is from the very last lot of 2020 Harvest bars; it’s a seasonal treasure pulled from the vault.

included in this assortment

70% Tumaco, Colombia, 2023 Harvest

tasting notes: dulce de leche, chocolate wafer, almond

70% Ambanja, Madagascar, 2022 Harvest

tasting notes: amarelle cherry, yogurt, toasted sourdough

Dandelion Chocolate Japan

70% Bến Tre, Vietnam 2020 Harvest

tasting notes: semi-dried apricot, gingerbread, caramel


Ingredients: Cocoa beans and organic cane sugar


Our chocolate is free of soy, dairy, eggs, and gluten.
Made in a factory that does not process nuts.
6.0 oz (170 g)

Shelf life:

Stored properly, your chocolate will remain ready to enjoy for many months.

Dairy free


Direct Sourced

Nut Free

Gluten Free

Two Ingredients

Dandelion Chocolate Bar Trio: Deep Cuts
Bar Trio: Deep Cuts

The Three Origins and Their Flavors

Bar map




notes of dulce de leche, chocolate wafer, almond

Bar map




notes of amarelle cherry, yogurt, toasted sourdough

Bar map




notes of semi-dried apricot, gingerbread, caramel

Ethical sourcing

Ethical Sourcing

Here at Dandelion, we not only want to work with producers who make good beans (which is hard enough on its own), but also with people who share similar values around transparency and accountability, and are looking to maintain long-term partnerships. We do our best to live up to the trust they put in us to represent them well, both in the chocolate we make from their beans, and in ensuring people know where the amazing beans have come from.

We visit our producers as often as possible to maintain our relationships and stay up to date on their operations. Our prices are not determined based on the commodity market, but on what the producers with whom we work believe is the appropriate price for their product. Often this ends up being several times the market price.