Bloom Teapot

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This petite glass vessel showcases the beauty of the brewing tea, letting you observe the leaves as they bloom. For an exceptional experience, use this pot to brew one of our Tisanes — lighter, water-based versions of our hot chocolate, generously infused with botanicals.

15.6 oz
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Dandelion Chocolate Bloom Teapot
Bloom Teapot
observe the leaves as they bloom with this petite glass teapot

Brew a Botanical and Cacao Blend With Our Cocoa Tisanes

Not quite herbal tea, nor hot chocolate, our lightly chocolatey tisanes bear only the hint of organic cane sugar present in our 70% Camino Verde, Ecuador chocolate. A lighter alternative to our hot chocolate offerings.

Ginger & Spice Tisane


sweet spices, dandelion root, and white peppercorns, and 70% chocolate

Mint Tisane


fresh peppermint, fruity sloe berries, cocoa nibs and 70% chocolate