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Chef's Chocolate

Camino Verde


70 2022

Dandelion Chocolate

Tasting notes: fudge brownies, cream cheese, cinnamon sugar

Ground Chef’s Chocolate is not cocoa powder (crushed cocoa beans with most of their cocoa butter removed); rather, it is complete chocolate made of roasted cocoa beans and organic cane sugar, coarsely ground for fast, easy melting in the kitchen. This product is what we use in our pastry kitchen for hot chocolate, cakes, pies, creams, and more, because it melts more quickly and evenly than a chopped-up chocolate bar would.

Unlike our bars, Ground Chef’s Chocolate is not tempered, so it does not appear shiny. However, you’ll find the same range of flavor notes in our Chef’s Chocolate as in our bars. Look for everything from creamy, nutty, chocolatey, and caramelly aromas, to fruity flavors, citrusy acidity, and spice notes.

about our cocoa beans and sugar — the region, the farms, and the producers.

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