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tasting notes: espresso and nuts

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Cocoa nibs are the meaty interior of the cocoa bean, where the flavor lives. To make chocolate, we crush them and add sugar after the dried, fermented whole beans are sorted, roasted, and de-husked. The flavor of the nibs is impacted by lots of things — the genetics of a cacao tree, the geography and climate of a region, the fermentation and drying process, the way we roast the beans — and varies from harvest to harvest.

We recommend using these satisfyingly crunchy nibs like nuts. They can be punchy and acidic like ripe strawberries, toasty and nutty like roasted almonds, or creamy and sweet like peach ice cream.

Cocoa nibs are the purest, most direct expression of a cocoa bean’s flavor in all its delicious complexity.


Our single-origin cocoa nibs are free of soy, dairy, eggs, and gluten and are packed in a factory that does not contain nuts.

Packed in a factory that does not contain nuts.
12.3 oz (350 g)

Storage instructions:

store in a cool, dry place

Shelf life:

2 years from manufacture date - printed or stamped on label


gluten free

nut free

peanut free

soy free

Dandelion Chocolate Cocoa Nibs Cocoa Nibs Tumaco, Colombia 2022
Cocoa Nibs
Tumaco, Colombia
espresso and nuts
Map of Colombia

from Tumaco, Colombia

Cacao Hunters is the first Colombian company to source cacao and produce cocoa and chocolate within Colombia. They're an ideal partner, as their openness to innovation and experimentation enables them to produce the best cocoa possible.

Cacao Hunters works passionately with farmers growing local cultivars in regions where income generation has been difficult due to recent conflict. Owners Carlos Ignacio Velasco and Mayumi Ogata (a former pastry chef) met in Japan in 2009, and have been working together ever since to produce high-quality cocoa in challenged areas of Colombia.

Having built strong alliances with Tumaco producers, Cacao Hunters supports local families by providing stable, higher-than-market prices for good cocoa. They work with a variety of regional associations, each of which ferments its own cacao with the company's assistance and advice. Beans from Tumaco make up more than 60 percent of the cocoa that Cacao Hunters uses for their own chocolate brand; we feel fortunate to be able to procure some of these flavorful beans to use ourselves.

Cacao Hunters' chocolate may now be found in the best chocolate shops in major Colombian cities. In 2016, their Tumaco bar won for Best Milk Chocolate Bar in a competition of 900 products in Osaka, Japan.

Pair Your Ingredients With Our Complete Guide to Chocolate

Our 366-page hardcover book, Making Chocolate: from Bean to Bar to S’more, includes everything we've learned about making chocolate since the day we first cracked open a cocoa bean. It’s a complete guide to making chocolate from scratch, with recipes using our single-origin, two-ingredient chocolate to get you started. We encourage you to dive deep into your pantry to bake up your own chocolate adventure.

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