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In our 430-square-foot Kuramae kitchen, our Tokyo Pastry team hand-makes these delicate, French-style Gâteaux au Chocolat in very limited batches. Developed to highlight the distinctive tasting notes of Dandelion Japan 70% Anamalai, India chocolate, this fudgy, subtly tangy, almost cheesecake-like confection is crafted from single-origin chocolate, organic cane sugar, orange-yolked eggs, and unsalted butter. It contains no flour, and its silky texture is achieved by precise mixing and careful monitoring of ingredient temperature.

Our 2024 Gâteau highlights 2019 Harvest chocolate, whose notes of apple caramel, yogurt, and black tea transform subtly during baking. The finished cake, which tastes of grapefruit, cream cheese, and vanilla, may be enjoyed chilled, warmed, or gently heated. Chilled, the cake has a texture similar to soft cheese; at room temperature, the chocolate flavor intensifies; and when warmed gently in the oven, the cake transforms into something akin to a soufflé — incredibly light and airy. We’ve never had anything quite like it. 

Each Gâteau serves seven to ten people.

Single or Duo

Our Tokyo Gâteau is available as a single cake made from 70% Anamalai, India, 2019 Harvest chocolate; or you may select a Tokyo Gâteau Duo, which pairs one delicately fruity Anamalai cake with a lush Maya Mountain, Belize 2022 Harvest chocolate cake, featuring notes of raspberry jam, dark cherry, and milk tea.

Shipping and Storage

Each cake is wrapped in parchment paper and protected in a reusable paulownia wood box. The Gâteaux are shipped via USPS Priority Mail, with ice packs; upon receipt, we recommend storing in the refrigerator for up to one month. These cakes also freeze beautifully.


Dandelion Japan 70% chocolate (cocoa beans from Anamalai, India; organic cane sugar), butter, organic cane sugar, eggs


Milk, eggs
Made in a facility that also processes milk, wheat, eggs, peanuts, soy, sesame, tree nuts (almonds, hazelnuts).
9.7 oz (275 g)

Storage instructions:

Refrigerate upon receipt (can be frozen)

Shelf life:

Refrigerate or Freeze upon receipt - good for roughly one month in the refrigerator (can be frozen) For best flavors, the gâteau can be frozen for up to 3 months.

Nut free

Peanut free

Gluten free


Dandelion Chocolate Single Tokyo Gâteau
Tokyo Gâteau

Also Available as a Gâteaux Duo

Our Tokyo Gâteau is also available for purchase as a Duo, which pairs one delicately fruity Anamalai cake with a lush Maya Mountain, Belize, 2022 Harvest chocolate cake, featuring notes of raspberry jam, dark cherry, and milk tea.

Tokyo Gâteau

Made From Just Four Carefully Sourced Ingredients, Air-Shipped Directly From Tokyo

In order to express the spectra of flavors in two complementary cocoa origins, our Tokyo team bakes these Gâteaux from just four pure ingredients: Dandelion Japan chocolate, organic cane sugar, orange-yolked Japanese eggs, and unsalted Japanese cultured butter. We’ve tried recreating our Japanese Gâteau’s unique flavors in San Francisco, but even following our Japan team’s recipe exactly, the cakes never come out quite the same: Japanese egg yolks are richer; our grass-fed butter tastes slightly differently; and the cakes’ whipped-fudge consistency requires mixing at just the right temperature.

Made With 70% Chocolate from Anamalai, India

2019 Harvest

At Regal Plantations, just outside Anamalai in Tamil Nadu, India, brothers-in-law Karthikeyan Palanisamy and Harish Kumar cultivate cacao trees intercropped with coconut palms, nutmeg trees, and other smaller species, improving both the soil’s health and the quality of the crops.

Our chocolate made from Anamalai beans typically features bright, fruity acidity — in this harvest, notes of apple caramel, yogurt, and black tea — then transforms during baking to yield cheesecake-like richness; this year’s finished Gâteau offers flavors of grapefruit, cream cheese, and vanilla,

Anamalai India

The Story of Our Signature Gâteau

Dandelion Japan team

Dandelion Japan’s Chef Mai introduced a flourless, four-ingredient, single-origin-chocolate cake to celebrate our Kuramae location’s first Christmas in 2016. The original Gâteau au Chocolat, made with creamy Zorzal Estate, Dominican Republic chocolate, was conceived as a one-time seasonal treat — but quickly grew to be our Japan team’s most-requested online confection.

Our Tokyo Pastry team still bakes every Gâteau au Chocolat by hand, in limited batches produced throughout the year for their Japanese guests. We are fortunate to receive a small number of these cakes straight from Kuramae each spring, just in time for Mother’s Day — and this year, we are especially lucky that our Japanese team has created a second Maya Mountain, Belize cake exclusively for us to include in our 2024 Tokyo Gâteau Duo.