The Perfect Gift

From stocking stuffers to exquisite sets, crowd pleasers to hostess gifts, we have the perfect chocolate presentation for giving this holiday season.


Pistachio, hazelnut, and peanut spreads. crafted in-house in small batches just for the holiday season. Our Single-Origin Spread Trio pairs our chocolate with three favorite nuts in smooth, velvety form. Using the fewest, best ingredients possible, Ashley led our Confections team through extensive recipe testing to determine which origins’ tasting notes harmonize best with hazelnuts, peanuts, and pistachios.

“This is how chocolate should be—complex and alive but balanced, not unhinged.”



Our house-made hot chocolate has been a café favorite since our earliest days, when we dreamed of concocting a perfect hot drink to ward off San Francisco’s perpetually foggy chill. This season we’ve created a beautifully boxed trio of flavorful hot chocolate mixes (Classic, Hojicha, and Mission) to whisk up at home with fresh milk, cream, or dairy alternative. Three delicious single-origin chocolate mixes, contained in elegant reusable glass vials designed just for us by talented industrial designer (and Dandelion friend) Remy Labesque, are ready to taste, share, gift, and compare.

Gift notes are always complimentary with each order complete with a recycled-cotton paper patterned envelope.


From introductory chocolate explorations to ultimate (and extravagantly giftable) explorations of bean-to-bar chocolate in all of its forms, our bow-tied gift boxes have a selection of bars and confections ready for a handsome presentation.